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Shopping With A Conscience

Here at Norbu, our ethics and ethos are a huge part of who we are as a brand. Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to try and do things differently. Fast fashion is everywhere, producing cheap merchandise at the expense of some of the poorest people in the world. It is easy to consume with no conscience on a daily basis, and we endeavour to play no part in that.

Here is our ethos: 
"In managing our business we want to play our part in creating a better, fairer world where we try to live in balance with our planet and its people.
We will always look for manufacturers who use sustainable resources and fair trade policies.
We want to make a difference to our industry by designing and sourcing the best quality products and selling them at fair prices. We aim to earn the trust of our customers, so that they know we will operate in an ethical way.

We will choose trade partners with a positive ethos in accord with our own."

In order to honour this, we have very strict guidelines when selecting where and with who we outsource any production from outside UK. We choose to only work with the best and most skilled craftsmen (and women!) who run their own small metalwork businesses in other parts of the world. This ensures not only a high level of quality, but it allows us to support our brothers and sisters around the globe. We also regularly run charity sales, donating the profits from certain products to small organisations of our choice, giving back to the communities that we draw inspiration from.

If you share our ethos and ethics, get in touch! We love to collaborate with charities and like-minded people to help spread love and light.

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