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Sterling Silver 925- What Is It And Why Do We Use It?

We work with sterling silver when creating most of our pieces. Whether it be rings, earrings or pendants, it's our precious metal of choice. But what exactly is sterling silver 925?

In short, sterling silver in its 925 form is created using at least 92.5% pure silver, and around 7.5% from other metals for strength. Usually, the other metal is either copper, platinum, zinc or germanium. Silver at 99.9% purity is usually a little bit too soft for using in jewellery- which is why we strengthen it with other metals.

Caring for your sterling silver jewellery is easy, another reason why it's a favourite! It should be polished gently to maintain it's shine. Jewellery with gemstones should be cleaned carefully with a soft damp cloth. All jewellery should be kept away from lotions and perfumes as they can cause tarnishing. 

Happy silver shopping! 


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