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Image of the goddess Kali printed in deep red ink.

The goddess Kali represents the death of the ego and other unrealities, wearing a garland of skulls and a skirt of dismembered arms as the ego arises out of identification with the body. For us modern women, she represents pure feminine empowerment. We think that she is particularly relevant to us today, in an age of growing virtual egos where the 'perfect' physical image for many the new meaning of life. Hang in your home with care and look upon her as a reminder of your true powerful feminine form, and that substance of self should always reside over the illusion of ego.

This poster is printed in house at Norbu on A2 matte coated 180 gsm paper

Measures 42 x 59.4 cm 

Also available as a tote bag

In Stock, Usually dispatched within 24 hours

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